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September 16th 2019

Spend Less or Make More, Which Horse you going to ride?


    I get that people are concerned about commissions, however some folks are more concerned about spending $ while missing potential $$$

    Most people like to shop for homes with an Agent that can consult, advise, advocate for them, prepare and present offers and negotiate on their behalf. Don't forget this is by far the single biggest purchase most people will ever make, and will likely spend years paying for, improving, living in, raising a family in, and if they're lucky live out their golden years in. So they want at least some advice and someone that can prepare a legal document to protect their best interests. 

    Now you have companies trying to sell the idea that home sellers need not pay commission, but what they often fail to explain, rather than commission (which normally only is paid if a successful sales occurs) they will be paying fees up-front, ranging from listing fees for putting it on MLS-not always visible to local realtors, ++ various extra charges that might be charges for pictures, signs and ++ for conducting open houses, ++ for receiving and transmitting offers, ++ for negotiating offers, ++ whatever you might imagine AND many discount brokers attract your attention with low rates then pitch full service for Extra Commission rates, the old "bait and switch". On top of all of that, If a Buyer's agent is involved you'll still be paying them their Commision. So you may be slightly less, equal or possibly even spend more in expenses, all while you may not enjoy the benefit from a Realtor Actively Representing your best interests, and consulting, advising, advocating and protecting you throughout.

    On the other side of the "no commision" arguement are the traditional Active In-Person Realtors. Yes they charge commission, they come to your home, they handle the deal from the start to beyond completion, locally they commonly charge in the neighbourhood of 4% total commission which is shared by both the Listing Agents and The Buyer's Agent. You're paying for their experience, expertise, their insurance, the entire brokerage machine behind them (our brokerage is staffed by Highly Experienced Administrators who do nothing but make sure deals come together as promised), all of the connections they maintian in your interest from Mortgage Brokers to Painters, and Photographers to Lawyers. Plus Realtors are on-call 7 days a week, and many answer their phone at all hours, night and day. 

   Who do you Want to Trust Your Biggest Asset To? If You want a Full Service Professional Brokerage that only gets paid when They do the Job They were Hired to, Get in Touch. 

Your Horse Awaits,

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