First Time

How to Buy a House

Home Buying for anyone, particularly First Time Buyers is a big decision one that shouldn't be taken lightly. In order to make it as stress-free as possible and help you deal with the financial, emotional and logistical aspects, I have compiled a simple step- by-step guide to help on your journey.

I'm always available to answer any questions, or find the someone to help you along the way.

Step 1

Is This The Right Time?

Between the costs (including mortgage, taxes, insurance and utility payments) and the benefits of homeownership (stability, appreciation, control, adding value, etc.) it's a good idea to analyze if this is the right buying time for you. Is work relocation on the horizon? Are you planning on starting a family? Will your housing needs change in the near term? Be honest with yourselves, home ownership is great is you're ready, willing and able, but you must be all of those things in order for it to be a positive experience and wise choice.

Step 2

Financial Planning

Buying a Home shouldn't be an impulse decision, so plan well in advance to succeed in your wish to become a homeowner. Good advice is to get your financial affairs in order 6 months to a year prior to buying your house. Pay down any loans and credit card balances, obtain your credit report and ensure you correct any errors. Lenders will look at your debts, down payment, income, length of employment and credit score.

Step 3

Get Pre-Approved

Know how much you can afford, and what you'll be comfortable spending in order to make an offer when you find your dream home. A written pre-approval stating a guaranteed interest rate for the next 90-120 days is what you're after. From there you can determine your downpayment and compare the best rates from competitive banks and mortgage brokers.

I can provide contact information for qualified and reputable lenders if need be.

Step 4

An Agent for You

As a First Time Buyer, you want a knowledgeable, experienced guide who will represent and negotiate fiercely for you. There are many benefits to hiring me:

Step 5

Where Do You Want to Land?

Your location and community will affect your lifestyle in a numerous ways, from proximity to services like education, healthcare, dining, shopping, recreation facilities and green- space. Some areas are going through renewal and change, so consider your long term plan and how that might match up with the plan for the neighbourhood. If you get a chance to visit the area in both night and daytime, weekdays and weekends, so you can really get a feel for your 'hood. I have lived and worked in London for many years and can share my experience and expertise about the features and amenities of London and it's neighbourhoods.

Step 6

Needs and Wants

What must you have and what can you live without? How many bedrooms? Washrooms? How Big? Garage? Fenced Yard? Walkability? Proximity to schools? Ravine lot? Neighbourhood A, B or C? By keeping your choices reasonably narrow, but with an open mind to your needs and wants, we'll view only the best matches to your criteria, saving time and energy, streamlining the process.

Step 7

Inspect This!

When purchasing a re-sale home it can be prudent to do a home inspection. Qualified home inspectors will spend hours coming through the entire home and all possible systems to make sure that everything from the chimney on the roof to the basement foundation are all in good repair. If they do discover a shortcoming, or something that may need attention in years to come, they can include estimate for repairs. I can provide recommendations for home inspectors to assist you on your journey.

Step 8

Make Me an Offer!

When we find your perfect home, and we will, when you decide you want to make an offer to purchase, you determine the price you wish to offer, then we assemble the Offer to Purchase to include all of the needed clauses and conditions to protect you and your family. I know how to craft a competitive offer and once it's presented, the seller may then reject, sign back or accept the offer. Multiple offer situations may arise if the property is desirable enough. My experience and success in single and multiple offer situations make me your best ally going into situations like that. When you trust that this is what I do, this is a big part of where my pay is earned, if I walk away without getting you your home, than no-one (especially you) is happy, you'll understand that I take this very seriously. I Offer to Win, and that is fully my intention every time.

Step 9

The Law On Your Side

Real estate lawyers are for the legal portions of your home purchase, from title search to fraud, zoning issues to liens, taxes and registering title, you need a real estate lawyer who knows the process, from start to finish. It should, and generally does go pretty seamlessly, but they are an important extra layer of protection for you, and if want a recommendation. I can recommend one of London’s finest.

Step 10

This Deal is Closed

Before you close on your new home, ensure you have arranged for home owners insurance, to start the day you close, notified utilities, and given notice to your old landlord. Generally 30, 60 or 90 days after your offer is accepted you take possession of your home.

My Service doesn't stop at closing day, whether you have a question or need a recommendation, just need help or want to send a referral, all you have to do is call, or text, or write, and I'll be there.

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