Step 1

Curb Appeal

Step 2

Inside Your Home

Here are some inexpensive home upgrades when preparing your home for sale:

Step 3


Along with the cosmetic changes listed above, renovations will increase your property’s value. According to Canadian surveys, the top three renovations that provide the best return on investment are washrooms (75-100% return), kitchens (75-100% return), and interior and exterior painting (50-100% return). However, do keep in mind that some buyers do prefer to customize their homes and are looking for blank canvases to work with.

The following are my top recommendations for other home improvement tips and the likely return on investment:

Step 4


If you have accumulated a lot of clutter over the years, consider renting storage space in which you can store some of your belongings during the sale of your home. Other options are to hold a yard sale or give to charities. Here are some valuable tips on decluttering your home and reducing your possessions so you can move with less.

Step 5

Home Staging

Should you stage your home? There are several reasons to invest in home staging, which is the strategic placement of furniture and accessories to highlight your home’s unique features, minimize any faults, and appeal to a wider range of buyers. Here are some reasons to consider home staging:

If you require assistance in cleaning, repairs, home staging or other services in preparing your home for sale, I have relationships with some of London’s most reputable businesses and I can recommend talented and reliable professionals to assist you.

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