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February 26th 2020

Don't Be Stubborn, Adapt


 - It is not the strongest of the species, nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change.         -Leon C. Megginson (often attributed mistakenly to Charles Darwin)

- In todays fast paced (understatement) Real Estate Market, the most adaptable to the pace of change are the ones to most often succeed. The Buyers and Sellers, Then Brokers and Sales Rep's that reminisce about the "Good Ole' Days, and pine for simpler times, are left in the dust. Those that are able to understand the dynamics, the challenges and the opportunities are turning today's Multiple Offer Landscape into winning opportunities fo rthemselves and their clients.

-When we are having regular instances of 20-40 offers on homes, some selling $50-100,000 over the asking price, you better be clear about what the property is worth to you, how much you're willing to spend to win and what price you're willing to lose at.

- It's an unforgiving market, with Coming Soons', Offer Dates, Multiples, Bullys, No Time for Finance or Inspection Clauses, Etc. Etc. There is little room for the faint of heart, and a real risk that the longer you wait on the sideline the more it will cost you to enter the market, and a longer term risk for buyers with potentially more rounds of gains to values, a  win for current owners and sellers.

-So, Stubborn doesn't work. If You Adapt, Listen, Ask, Learn, Grow & Educate Your Knowledge Base and Your Experience, You Have a Much Greater Chance of Success in Todays; Real Estate Market.  The Benefits can be Great for You and Your Family and Generations Going Forward!

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