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September 19th 2019

Know What Works Best for You.


When someone is offering you an easy, no hassle deal, ready to take your home (aka your biggest asset) off your hands, make sure this is the best deal for you. Flippers are circulating pages like this to home in Old South/Wortley Village and elsewhere. They even offer to pay you to refer yoru friends.

The scenario goes something like this;

They present themselves wanting to live in your great neighbourhood. They're going door to door, even with their dog for added comfort, and asking you to sell your home at a price discounted to market value, sometimes as much as 30%! They then paint, make minor/inexpensive improvements, and sell as quick as possible for the greatest possible return.

These folks are looking to flip homes. They provide a service for some, not for all. This is a service, and one that appeals to some, but know your properties current value, before you jump. Get a clear picture if this is something that works for you, or if you would be better served by working with a realtor.

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